Monday, June 16, 2014

Divine Nature & Live Blood Analysis...

I love homeopathy. I feel like it has been the primary source of healing for me ever since I changed my diet. I thank God for homeopathy every day.

But homeopathy is most effective when your body has the proper nutrition it needs. Good food fuels homeopathic healing.

Having said that, and already having talked extensively about diet, I wanted to share with you the supplements I take. 

I have waited a long time to share this with you because I wanted to make sure it was really benefiting me in the way that I hoped.

So here we go...

Paola's Facts about Supplements:
Fact #1: I know that synthetic supplements are dangerous and scary, especially when you have gut-problems and immune issues
Fact #2: Supplements, when ill chosen, have caused my bladder to flare and have pain. Not ok with that.
Fact #3: Selecting supplements is like a big guessing game. Muscle testing can help you know whether or not a specific supplement will agree with your body or not (i.e. it will/won't cause me to flare), but it doesn't tell you which ones you SHOULD be taking.
Fact #4: Supplements are expensive. That's the long and the short of that one.
Fact #5: People with compromised guts and immune system problems have a hard time actually absorbing & assimilating the very vitamins/supplements they are taking. It can even get into your blood stream, but you can't utilize them if your body is unable to break it down and activate the supplement into a usable form. 

So when a cousin in law of mine basically put me in a car and drove me to see Randy Grant of Divine Nature in Mesa, AZ, I was pretty skeptical because I knew the consult would end in supplements.

I was in Arizona over Christmas with my husband and kids to see family, and I had already spent several weeks at the Mayo Clinic, trying to find answers [to no avail]. My cousin had health issues of her own, and you know, there is always some Jack, Dick, or Jane trying to get you to 'try this new thing that worked for them.' I resisted, and she finally got me to go.

I'm very glad I did.

Randy Grant took me into his office, pricked my finger, and started a Live Blood Analysis.

What is Live Blood analysis?

Basically, when your blood is drawn at a regular doctor's lab, it is alive for a short while. But then when the phblebotamist spins your blood and sends it down to the lab, the blood literally dies. When it is alive, it is moving and it actually has specific behavior. But when it's dead, that is what it is...a bunch of dead cells and platelets. Who knew?

What Randy does is he takes a single little drop of one's blood and puts it under the microscope to see how it's behaving. He even projects what he sees on a large TV screen for you to see with him.

Your blood should look like this...

Nice fat, round lovely lumps of blood cells.

 My great frustration with taking supplements is that it was very hit and miss. Somethings seemed to help, others did not, and others just made me feel worse. So, I stopped taking supplements all together because I was sick of wasting my money. I would only take good probiotics. After doing my live blood analysis, however, I realized that there was finally a road map (better than muscle testing, if you ask me) that identified what I needed.

Instead of seeing all that lovely, plump, red blood cells (pictured above), Randy saw lots of crazy things in my blood.  Here are some of the problems we saw in my personal live blood analysis:
Fungal forms... (possibly candida!)
Protien linkage...a sign of not properly digesting food (and basically of leaky gut!)
Rouleaux...a sign of not digesting food proteins (no surprise there!)
Spicules (a sign of toxicity in the liver!)

Based on what Randy saw, he prescribed to me 3 supplements
1. A liver cleanse. Once I finished the bottle, my liver would be clean
2. Digestive enzymes, and
3. Using an adrenal support (this was not diagnosed with live blood analysis, but instead we did a laying blood pressure read and then I stood up and took a second blood pressure read...since the difference between the top numbers were greater than 3, we determined that I have fatigued adrenals).

I took these supplements for 6 months, and I returned to AZ for a family reunion just this last May. We did an update on my blood analysis. This time, we saw lots of beautiful red blood cells, some Rouleaux, and some fungal forms. He prescribed me a couple of things and I'm continuing with his protocol.

The level of improvement we have seen in my blood is congruent with the level of improvement I have experienced with my IC symptoms.

But what about the quality of supplements?
Because Mr. Grant has created all of his supplements, and because they come from food (and are not synthetic!), I trust his supplements. He has sourced each dang ingredient in the supplement, down to the grower and the manufacturer that processes each ingredient. I like this a lot because I know how crappy and even dangerous synthetic supplements can be. He's a kind man, but my goodness, he is pretty Type-A when it comes to healing the body with REAL NUTRITION and REAL FOOD.

One other special thing about his supplements:
People with immune/gut problems actually have a hard time absorbing and ASSIMILATING vitamins/nutrients. Let me give you an example that you smarties out there are already aware of. Vitamin D!

You go outside, and the sun rays give your body vitamin D. But then your body needs to transform the vitamin from D, to D1, D2, and D3. Then, and only then, when it is D3, can your body assimilate and USE it.

Another good example is the B vitamin(s). A lot of times people will get blood work done, and they will see that they are high in Vitamin B. So they think "great," but then, they are still having symptoms of vitamin B deficiency (like fatigue). Well that is a great possible example of how they may be eating/taking vitamin B, but they are not able to break it down and utilize it.

Back to Randy's supplements: His supplements are CHELATED, which means they are pre-digested. This means that instead of being vitamin D, it is D3. But he does this for all of his [applicable] ingredients/ vitamins/ minerals/ etc.. So for once, you can actually absorb and assimilate what you buy. No expensive pee. :)

Well, after learning all of this, I thought, "I can stand behind that"...and so I went forward with it. His appointment didn't break the bank either. It was very affordable. So that was a bonus. You can learn more about Live Blood analysis from his website:

Go to his website, and take the time to read all the pages, all the posts, and learn everything you can. You may find that this could be a component used to heal your IC.

Finally, here is a video I found on YouTube of Randy Grant actually performing the live blood analysis for someone. Again, it's just a drop of blood put under a microscope and projected onto a TV screen.

In conclusion...

I was impressed to learn that after doing the analysis and taking the food-based chelated supplements, all of his clients who have chrome's disease have 'magically' reversed their diseases. Obviously it would be illegal to say that Mr. Grant cured those diseases with live blood analysis, since he's not a Chrone's we won't say that, but that's a pretty good coincidental track record, wouldn't you say? *Wink*Wink* :).

One more thought...There are various live blood analysis practitioners around the United States. I went to one near to me in the East Coast. I filmed the analysis and sent it to Randy. It wasn't done properly, but he was kind and willing to fly down and teach his methods to my local practitioner. That is something that is still in the works. But my point is, I really think that Randy's approach is unique, both because of how he reads the blood and the supplements he provides. I receive no compensation for writing about Randy and his supplements. I just hope that my ideas can help someone who is trying to heal. It's what I'm doing. And I'm doing so well.

Blessings. You can beat this. You can heal. Find your journey.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Differing Perspectives...

I got a comment on the IC Network Forum from someone who didn't agree with what I was doing to heal my body. I find the IC network to be my 'Frenemy', so to speak. I feel like much of my thoughts and views are censored greatly there (as many of my posts have been edited or outright deleted by the moderators there). They have all kinds of legal rules that they are bound to, and I do try to adhere to those rules since I see myself as a guest in someone else's house. Honestly, it is the ONLY reason why I started this be able to speak more freely about all my 'crazy' ideas including RAW milk (gasp!) and grain free eating (AHHH!) :).

But I keep going back to the IC network because I feel like that is where you can find the most desperate people who are suffering the most from IC. I myself spent countless hours there when I was first diagnosed. My userID there is minharopaola and later minharopaola+ (some kind of computer glitch happened to my first user ID). Look me up. You will see how I started very naive and clueless about what my healing journey would entail. I was naive enough to thing that by just going Gluten Free, I would get better. HA! :)

Anyhow, back to the comment that differed from my experience. Here is what was written:

"This thread is about a year old, but I came upon it and wanted to pipe in...Im with you! 

When I first had IC symptoms in 206-2007, after some frustrating visits with doctors etc. I tried the alternative route ..I too bought the many supplements, I travelled to Phila. PA for 2 weeks to have dally acupuncture, and tried the various anti-inflammatory diets.Im the LAST person who should be doing those diets, as Ive been underweight my entire life, having to eat lots of food from every food group just to maintain a normal weight of about 112 to 115 at the most.This is my genetics. 
These diets scared me, but my symptoms were so bad, that like you I'd do anything to rid myself of that constant urge to urinate...Well several dollars and months later,
(after eating a diet of veggies, meats, fish and the allowed fruits...and giving up gluten and many carbs-(something my skinny body needs) I found myself 20 lbs skinnier, yes only about 95 lbs at 5' 6' tall!, with no improvement in IC symptoms whatsover.
All I had now was lots of confusion about what was "safe" to eat and a brand new case of anxiety! I lost my hips, my butt and all my natural padding.. and cushioning around the pelvis.
Soon after I developed pain with sitting (in sit bones).. diagnosed as Pudendal Neuralgia .we tried everything imaginable to get me better,but nothing worked and my anxiety (which is a genetic factor for me) was sky-high and still is. I blame it partly on all this contradictory diet stuff espoused on these sites.
such as if we don't follow the Paleo type diets we are bound to develop other" inflammatory conditions.".. Since I now I have PN I wonder if its all true! so confusing . Since Im still so sick it haunts me. I eat much more variety these days but haven't been able to gain back much weight due to worry.
In reality Im an intelligent woman, I had agreat corporate career with IBM -- in my pre-mommy days, and now my hubby and I are raising 3 great loving and successful kids,so I should know better than to let this diet stuff traumatize me.
I now have a pain pump (which has not worked yet ) and seems to make it harder for me to urinate. 
I know you have one too and Im so glad its helping you.
In my case, the surgeon placed the darn thing right over my poor bladder as Im very tiny, It seems to get in my way when I pee, aggravating my original problem.
We are giving it a bit more time and then we'll see.
Long story short --Stress management is something I need the most-- to get well!
I wish there was an "alternative" somewhere in between western and alternative medicine. I was taught growing up' by my dad, "everything in moderation" So true!
Its hard for me to believe that in order to get well I'd have to go on a diet that extreme. The majority of Americans are overweight these days, hence all the fad diets.
But its just not an option for me.. and rest the of the skinny folks out there. We would be in the hospital with malnutrition or worse.
Hearing such dietary info makes me think I'll never get well, but there's got to be a better way for me.
Again thanks for being the voice of reason in this long thread!
Good luck!

Thx for posting your opinion..It was the voice of reason amongst everyone esle...

My response:

Hi Megad,

Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you so much for your comments. I'm so sorry you have struggled so much and that now you're on a pain pump that doesn't work. It's an awful awful disease.

Donna is always a helpful 'devil's advocate'  to the different comments I've posted. I've always welcomed her and anyone's input that differ's from my experience because the whole point of my posts is to share experiences and knowledge. Clearly going grain free isn't right for everyone.

But to speak from personal experience, I have never been obese, and I did loose just a little bit of weight going grain free, but nothing like getting down to 95 lbs. That's very low. Hugs girl. I don't think anyone would begrudge the incredible relief from pain that going grain free has brought me. I was even off of milk and eggs for a long time because those would cause immense bladder pain within 30 minutes after consuming.

But your comment actually prompts an important point...I 100% think that grains are essential, and as the Bible says 'the staff of life'...going on the grain free diet (at first it was the autoimmune protocol diet, and now I've transitioned into the full GAPS diet) has allowed me to slowly heal my gut and it's beneficial bacteria. Today, I'm drinking raw goats milk (I selected this milk because it's easier digested...goat's milk digests in 30 minutes and cows milk takes 3 hours! Wow, right?) and I'm back to eating pasture-raised eggs. I hope to once again eat properly prepared grains in the future. True Paleo people never hope to eat grains again because I think being Paleo is a life-style (much like vegans are life-long vegans). But my goal is to heal my gut and eat according to the principles of the Weston A Price foundation.

When I first started this post way back when [it's actually longer than a year because my "Part I" posts is even older  ], I was in horrible pain, Seriously horrible pain. You all know what I'm talking about.

Today, I am literally 90% better. But please be mindful, I'm absolutely not making any recommendations for you or for anyone else. I just know how helpful it is to share my experience and to be responsible with my follow up so that others can track one girl's POSITIVE healing experience with IC. I actually feel 98% better as far as symptoms go, but I will consider myself 100% cured when I can eat a variety of properly selected/prepared foods, including grains.

My healing trifeca has involved...
1. Diet...some sort of grain free eating (again, at first it was the AutoImmune Paleo diet, now it's the full gaps diet, and soon I will start hopefully reintroducing grains)
2. Homeopathy for my chronic and acute problems (so I'm on homeopathic remedies for my IC and dermographia --itching skin, and whenever I get sick with something like a bladder infection or strep throat--ALL OF WHICH I HAD! I will go to the doctor, get the diagnosis/culture, then I fill the antibiotic prescription, and then I work with my homeopath on treating the illness completely free of antibiotics. So far my family and I have an ever growing pile of unused antibiotics. I also make sure to go back to my doctor for another culture to make sure the infection has cleared, and it always has. To me and my IC, I have learned that antibiotics load the gun, and my genetics pull the trigger. The Mayo Clinic told me point blank that my dermographia--all over body itching autoimmune disease--was caused by antibiotics!)
3. Live blood analysis where the doctor/practicioner looks at my blood live under a microspcoe, and based on how my blood is behaving he has prescribed me specific supplements to help me continue healing. I'm taking a total of 2 supplements right now (digestive enzymes and adrenal support), and the rest of my nourishing comes directly from the high-quality food I eat. I agree with you, Megad, that too many supplements is a waste for me and my IC. The live blood analysis doctor I see is in Arizona and people can find him if they type in 'Grant Divine Nature' [
I will be making a post about this topic in a week or so...more to come]

Anyhow, thank you so much for stopping by, Megad. I hope you can find relief to your pudendal neuralgia. I don't know much about that so, I don't have any ideas for you. But I hope you can find healing. Please don't give up! I know our bodies can heal themselves if we prod them in the right direction...but the 'right direction' can mean so many different things for different people that it is very hard to figure out. I know. 

I send you my sincere best and good wishes,
MP (Paola)

This is a long blog post, I understand that, but I think it's important to bring in 'the other side' of the argument. Healing is so different from everyone. If you look at my 'checklist' page on this blog, you will see that I list pudendal nerve issues as a possible root cause for my IC, which I explored with an excellent chiropractor for over a year. When I finally concluded that my PN was fine, I moved on to more gut-healing strategies. It's so hard and slow to figure out what the root cause is, but if you go grain free and you experience ABSOLUTELY NO RELEIF, I think you may be barking up the wrong tree? But what do I know!? I'm just a girl who has IC who is 90% better and who is sharing my journey with others.

You are the master of your body. You know it better than anyone or any doctor. And if you don't, you should.

I truly believe that we can completely heal from IC, if you can just find the right place to point yourself. Maybe it would be through doing the vegan-based detox that my friends on the IC Facebook group are doing (more info here:, or maybe it would be to find a great chiropractor to help release your PN? Or maybe it would be to heal your gut?

Hopefully my story is helping you sort things out.

But I do have one bold statement to make. How many times have you heard of allopathic (traditional) medicine curing a chronic disease like IC? Never. Literally never. But how many times have you heard of natural medicine healing these? The stories are out there. They are there. Stick with it. Natural healing is the way to go if you want to reverse your problems. 

Hugs everyone. We really can heal this.