Friday, August 2, 2013

Pregnant = Happy Bladder

Found out that we're expecting our fourth bundle of joy. Surprise! But it is a welcomed one. I love talking to nurses over the phone.

"And what baby is this?"
"It's my fourth."
[pause] "First?"
[ahem] "No. FOURTH!"

The most interesting find for me regarding IC is that I'm 100% symptom free while pregnant. This happened to me last time too. However, last time, my list of food intolerances grew while I was pregnant.

Perhaps the leaky-gut-healing that I've done thus far will prevent me from increasing my list of food intolerances? Maybe.

Perhaps I will stay in remission after this pregnancy? Probably not.

But I'm learning and journaling the entire way, and I hope my notes help.

P.S. This DOES confirm though, that for me, Hormones ARE A BIG IC LINK!

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