Friday, October 11, 2013

Total Body Modification...STARTED

One thing that annoys me when reading IC patient stories is that so few of us follow up on how we're doing and how things are going in the long-term. I love the little group of gals I have going on the IC Network because it seems that we all stay connected and keep updating each other! Thank you! I can't tell you how helpful this has been to me in my journey of HEALING.

So, in the spirit of updates, I wanted to let you know how I'm doing this week.

Last week, I started doing Total Body Modification treatments. It's another one of those crazy quacky voo-doo natural healing things that I 100% believe in. One hundred-percent. Now, whether or not TBM is right for my system and my body is another issue that I will find out over time! Obviously.  After my NAET-like treatments worked for only 2 weeks, I was at first devastated but later inspired because I realized that there IS something out there that can resolve my food intolerances, and thus the main source for what ails my version of IC. Remember, my thesis is that IC is a systemic issue that is simply manifested in the bladder, and that if I find what is ailing me in my body, I will resolve my IC. Most recently, after I felt so amazing after my NAET-like treatments, I realized that Food intolerances were my main issue with IC

Ok, so back to TBM...I was interested in it because I read that many people reversed food intolerances by doing TBM. I went ahead and found a chiropractor (who is actually well known in the area as a very reputable doctor...I called around and asked my own trusted Chiro about her) who does TBM. All last week, she began her treatment. Basically 'treatment' involves muscle testing, and then adjusting or applying different but specific types of pressure or modification to specific points in the body. These modifications, I have found, have been minimally invasive. I am pregnant, and I wouldn't do anything that would be very 'rough' or possibly jarring to my body. So don't picture me on some chiropractic table being folded into a pretzel with Olga jumping on my back with her elbows. It's very gentle and relaxing. Sometimes I'm sitting up, other times I'm laying down.  Anyhow, the treatments have been very relaxing, and I usually went home feeling emotionally well.

Well, after each of my first 3 treatments, I would go home and get really busy with the other 3 kids, and completely forget about my TBM treatment earlier that day. But, within a few hours I would be HIT HARD with fatigue. I would feel SO SO TIRED! For example, it would be 4 pm, but it felt like midnight. I felt SO tired that I even compared it to how I normally feel after I give birth. Like very very tired. Thank heavens my mom is here helping out, and I could go lay down and rest. It was only at my 3rd TBM treatment that I picked up on the pattern: My extreme fatigue was only happening after my TBM treatments. To me, rest and sleeping is the body's way of healing itself, so to me, I felt reassured that these TBM treatments were indeed doing SOMETHING in the form of healing. But, I was still pretty skeptical as to whether or not I would/will reverse my food intolerances. Honestly, I'm still a little skeptical.

Yesterday I had my most recent TBM. The doctor did a specific treatment for the GRAINS. Dun-dun-dun....

I came home, and had these yummy rice-based veggie sticks a few hours after I got home. No bladder reaction. Then at dinner I had a slice of toast. NO bladder reaction. I did feel a little bit of heartburn, but this is probably pregnancy related as I get lots of this anyways with everything I eat. This morning I had 2 slices of divine toast. I had organic butter on it and it was yummy. Again, so far so good and no bladder reaction. I want to note that I had a slice of toast last week just to 'see' if for sure the previous NAET-like treatments were not working. Indeed, I had a very clear bladder reaction. No burning, but pressure, and feeling full when I wasn't full. So compared to last week, the TBM seems to be having an impact on my bladder! 

Now, I will continue to do TBM 1-2 times a week and slowly deal with other ingredients that I'm intolerant to. I will check back again later. My next appointment is on Monday. Stay tuned.

It will be interesting to see how permanently these treatments will hold, how many of the ingredients I'm intolerant to will actually be impacted by TBM, and if this is a long-term solution to my IC problem. Remember, the goal is REVERSAL! I hope that TBM will 'stick' longer than the NAET-like treatments did.

Finally, I thought I'd mention that although my NAET-like treatments were pretty expensive (over a hundie per treatment), these TBM ones are very affordable...25 bucks for a short session and 40 bucks for a long session. So far, I've been doing short sessions. I 100% feel like managing my finances will manage my stress which will manage my IC  So I thought I'd mention that too.

Remember, these are only my experiences. I'm not prescribing these to anyone. But, like I said, in the spirit of keeping everyone updated, there is my status update! If your IC seems to be a food-intolerance issue, I highly recommend exploring the food-intolerance reversal stuff I have been exploring. Don't rule something out just because it didn't work for me. Your body is different and what works for you may not work for me (and vica-versa, of course).

Here's to your healing and REMISSION gals and guys.

Best and hugs to all.

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