Monday, March 17, 2014

The most excellent update...


I'm doing incredibly well. Lately my plan has been to:
1) Heal my gut by protecting my gut flora and 
2) To NEVER take antibiotics again unless I'm on my deathbed. 

Let me address #1 first: This entire blog is dedicated to sharing how I have arrived at this goal and conclusion. I would recommend reading each of my posts, one by one, starting from the beginning. It will help you understand all the crap I've tried to get to this conclusion.

Now for #2: I know that sounds crazy, to not take antibiotics, but ever since my last experience in taking antibiotics (where I developed a 2nd autoimmune condition called dermographia), I knew that these drugs were ruining my life and that my body does not agree with it (I dare say NOBODY'S body agrees with it!).

So of course, within a week of me making this very difficult decision --to not take antibiotics--I of course caught strep throat from one of my kids.

I understand that strep throat is very serious and can develop into even more serious conditions. I went to the doctor and once my throat swab confirmed strep, I went ahead and purchased the penicillin to treat it. BUT I DIDN'T TAKE IT. Instead, I worked with my homeopath and began taking the Prasanta Banerji Protocol for strep throat. This protocol was:

1. Hepar sylph 200 every 3 hours during the acute, and as it improves you back of the remedy.
2. because I had a lot of saliva with my strep (as in it was gagging me!), I also took Merc Cyan. 200 WITH the hepar sulph. 

If you google Prasanta Banerji Protocols, you will learn more about this very specific and incredible form of homeopathy that even traditional medicine is recognizing and using to treat CANCER. You can also see my video here where I teach a 1-hour course on homeopathy. 

Dealing with strep ended up being a transformative experience for me, and while it was a slow struggle, I was able to heal my strep completely without antibiotics. If you ever get a serious infection like this, be sure you're working with a smart homeopath. And if you don't have the correct Banerji Protocol remedies on hand, don't be stupid like me and order them online via regular mail...RUSH ORDER THEM AND OVERNIGHT THEM, no matter the cost!  *Lesson Learned.*

Then I developed a bladder infection. The strep throat bacteria somehow got to my bladder (no surprise there! Compromised bladder = easy access to strep! It was strep A, not group b strep). Well, once again, I turned to my Banerji Protocols for homeopathy, and I healed the bladder.

I have labs confirming the befores-and-afters of each infection. Strep before. Nothing after.  Maybe I should post pics of these labs. I'll look for them.

Homeopathy is incredible. 

My IC is getting permanently better each day and I have homeopathy to thank.

I hope my message is helping someone.

OH! And I forgot to say the most important thing! Remember how I was on a crazy limited diet? Any deviation from the PALEO AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL diet would cause massive bladder pain? Well, great great great great great news!

I have introduced eggs, and raw unpasteruized milk into my diet for 2 months now, and I'm have 0, absolutely 0 bladder symptoms, or digestive issues. I know, some of you are going to freak out about me drinking unpasteruized milk, but please, do your research and learn for yourself why I have chosen to drink it. In my experience, it has been incredibly safe and beneficial. A good place to start is to google  Basically, when I drink raw milk, I'm drinking a probiotic-rich drink that helps recapture your gut flora with beneficial bacteria.

Please be aware that I'm not making any recommendations to your life...just sharing my experience. If you do try this or any of my other ideas, please come back and share with us!

Many people who are 'lactose intolerant' have switched to raw milk and suddenly can tolerate lactose again! Hmmm....maybe it has something to do with the fact that raw milk is rich in digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to digest lactose?

One other great article you can listen to and read is on NPR. Google helps you not fear good good bacteria!

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  1. yup, yup...I know the power of homeopathy...I just saved my kid from a food poisoning using Nux Vomica (she is constipated, that's why I didn't choose Arsenicum Album which is the #1 remedy for food poisoning)... My son has gone from very angry kid to very kind in just an hour after taking his first dose of remedy from his homeopath...Great, great great!