Thursday, May 1, 2014

How my Queen Victoria has been this week...

Ha. I think that the Queen Victoria is the BEST way to refer to my pelvis, do you?

Things have been going swimmingly for me. I had 2 solid weeks where my IC was virtually non existent, and my dermographia (itching that came up after my last round of antibiotics) was superb. SUPERB!

Then over the last 2 weeks, things began to slip a bit.

I'm on the homeopathic stuff right now. My regimen has been, as you remember, a Banerji Protocol. (I've left various links to this style of homeopathy in my previous posts):

1. Nat. Sulph 6x, 2 tablets, twice a day (this seems to be indicated mostly for the itching/dermographia)
2. Meddorhinum 200, 5 pillules, twice a day
3. Staphysagria 200, 5 pillules, one on Thursdays and once on Sundays.

Recently, however, my symptoms came back a little stronger than I'd like. I didn't feel like I was improving as I had been for a great many weeks. So my homeopath indicated that I should add:
4. Cantharis 30 on an as needed basis. So, for example:

This morning, I voided my urine, and the Queen Victoria did NOT feel good. At all. I feel uretheral spasms and quite significant discomfort. So I took the Cantharis 200 (as I had already taken the morning remedies). Within 10 minutes the pain and discomfort ceased. I was back to becoming my normal self.

And just to remind you, I AM NOT SUPRESSING SYMPTOMS with this homeopathy. No. Absolutely not. That is why I turned down the drugs in the first place. Why would I rip out a smoke detector (as my homeopathist says) when there's a fire in the kichen (or the Queen Victoria!).

Don't suppress IC. Why would I rip out a beeping smoke
detector when there's a fire in the kitchen?

No. I do not suppress symptoms. Instead, the homeopathy is stimulating my body to HEAL myself. It brings upon real healing at the root of the problem.

I'm so blessed to have this amazing form of healing in my life.

I think you should try it too.

Blessings and hugs,


  1. Hi Paola, I think that it's great that you have so much control over your IC symptoms following this regimen. So inspiring, and I learn so much from your posts. Hope you continue to do well. -Priscilla

    1. Hey Priscilla! Thanks for stopping by. I seriously pray for all of us IC-ers every day. Hugs! :)