Monday, September 8, 2014

Banerji Protocol--SUCCESS! & GREAT Documentary...

I have raved and raved about homeopathy, and how I use it to treat acute issues like infections (bladder, sinus, etc) as well as for my chronic condition. In particular, I use the Banerji Protocol for my chronic condition. It has been amazing.

Banerji Protocols:
My Homeopath, Joette Calabrese (who practices the banerji Protocols):

Well, on my personal Facebook Page, I too have been very vocal about homeopathy and the Banerji Protocols.

A friend of the family reached out to me and told me and my mom that their granddaughter--19 years old--was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It didn't look good. The family made the very difficult decision to not pursue traditional medicine with this tumor. When they reached out to us, I told them about the Banerji doctors, and that they had a pretty incredible success rate at treating cancers in general, but especially BRAIN CANCER.

Well our friends contacted the Banerji Doctors, they sent these good doctors x-rays and all medical documents. Soon they were in communication and they received frequent emails about how to implement the homeopathic protocol. The granddaughter has been doing the treatment since December 2014. They called last weeks to tell us that the tumor has shrunk! Her traditional doctors are 'amazed at the miracle'.

It is a miracle. And homeopathy is miraculous!

I was so happy that my efforts in spreading the good news have benefitted someone.

I also wanted to share with you a documentary I watched and loved. It discusses the tragic health crisis we are all victims of.

Click here to rent and watch the film, 'BOUGHT' online: (affiliate link)


  1. Hello, wanted to share the success my 57 yr old partner is having using the Banerji Protocol. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in June 2014. The cancer has spread to the liver with 4 lesions being seen on diagnosis.
    He has been religiously following the Banjeri Protocol under the instruction of our Homeopath who has been our practitioner for 24 years now. Needless to say we had faith in him and were prepared to follow his advice.
    He is also doing Chemotherapy but had been given a terminal diagnosis with a time frame of 6 - 10 months left of his life.
    In February 2015 he had a CT Scan that is showing that the Pancreatic Mass can no longer be seen. There are 3 liver lesions. 2 are stable one has shrunk. The lymph nodes are also reduced in size.
    His current Tumour marker readings have gone from 26,000 on diagnosis down to 512. Absolutely incredible !
    He has put on 10 kgs in weight and is looking well and eating very well.
    His oncologist is very pleased with the results he is getting and when I asked him was this result expected from the Chemotherapy treatment he looked me in the eye and said "no". I asked him why and he replied that Pancreatic Cancer does not respond to Chemotherapy.
    It is early days yet but we hope and pray that my beautiful man continues on with this amazing treatment and will achieve good health again.
    I would encourage anyone with a cancer diagnosis to try the Banjeri Protocol, as well as their Chemo treatment to be safe. It may just save your life or increase your longevity.
    Good luck and good health to all who read this comment,

    1. Wonderful news. I applogize for my delayed response but hugs to you. Let me know what the update is. Blessings and hugs,

  2. Hi, just updating that my partner is still doing very well and continues to religiously use the Banerji Protocols for Pancreatic and Liver Cancer. Last CT Scan is showing that the Pancreas is normal in size, there is only 1 liver lesion to be seen know, (originally there were 4), and it is less than half its original size. His tumour marker this week is 148 !
    He is 16 months since diagnosis now. Appetite is still good and has not lost any weight.
    He is still doing chemo (Folfiri) as well as Banerji Protocols.
    Thank you for your blessings & hugs,